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How to make hidden iPhone apps visible

Apple, Blog, iPhone, Tips // 08/31/2011


Using Spotlight search to run a hidden app

Once your idevice’s screens are stuffed with apps, there’s no need to uninstall an app before adding a new one to your collection. Just go ahead and install it. The app will be on your device, but hidden from view.

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Dialog box shortcuts

Blog, Featured, Pre-7 Windows, Tips, Tools and techniques, Windows, Windows 7, Windows XP // 07/06/2011


Right-click within a dialog box to gain access to a variety of file management tasks

One of less than obvious tools Windows offers is the right-click menu within file dialog boxes. Give it a try: open an application and then press Ctrl-O or click the Open icon to display the Open dialog box. Right-click any of the files or folders displayed in that dialog and you’ll see a context menu […]

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Taking an anti-gravity mouse for a whirl

Blog, Reviews // 04/04/2011


SmartFish Whirl Desktop Laser mouse

Most of us simply accept the mouse and keyboard which come bundled with a system. But when you think about it, it’s those two components, together with the screen, that are really the most important for everyday computer use. It is via the mouse, the keyboard and the screen that we interact with our computer […]

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Top tips for the iPhone keyboard

Apple, Basic Computing, iPhone, Tips // 04/02/2011


iPhone special characters

Some people love the iPhone’s ‘soft’ keyboard, others loathe it. Whichever camp you belong to, you can make your keyboarding life far more efficient by taking advantage of all the hidden tricks lurking beneath the keyboard’s apparently simple exterior.

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