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Using Microsoft Word’s hidden calculator

Office Apps, Word // 02/26/2010


You’ve probably heard the stats: 80% of Microsoft Word users make use of only 20% of its features. My guess is that only about 0.1% of Word users use the handy calculator built right into the program. I’m not talking about the SUM() and AVERAGE() fields or any of the other of Word’s useful but […]

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Understanding Excel references

Excel, Office Apps // 02/26/2010



When you refer to a cell in an Excel formula, you can use any of three different ways of referring to that cell, known as relative, absolute and mixed references. Relative cell references are the most commonly used. A relative cell reference in a formula is based on the position of the formula’s cell relative […]

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Automate email handling with Gmail’s filters

Blog, Internet, Tips // 02/26/2009


Creating a filter

The Gmail team has been adding features to Google’s web-based email program at a gallop. A quick click of Gmail’s Settings link unveils an impressive array. By clicking the Labs tab and enabling some of Gmail’s experimental features, you’ll find yourself with even more options. There’s plenty worth exploring in the Gmail Labs, but some […]

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Removing clutter from a new computer

Basic Computing, Blog, Tips // 01/09/2009


Uninstall unwanted programs via the Control Panel.

Computer manufacturers love to load up new systems with “helpful” utilities and features. Of course, what they regard as helpful, you may regard as rubbish. Whenever I set up a new computer for myself or someone else, I go through a routine to eliminate vendor-generated clutter and bias. This checklist is something you might find […]

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