Ancient Archives

I’m gradually working on updating the still-relevant articles from the old Geekgirl’s site. Many of those articles are still online, but not easily accessible since the revamp. So here, for your convenience, is a list of the old stuff that’s still lurking around here.

Most of the information in these articles is still accurate and useful, but keep in mind that some of it is out of date. I’m working on rewrites for all of the popular articles.

Database articles

Databasics V: Getting Information Out

Databasics VI: Exploring Query Types

Databasics VII: Parameter Queries

Databasics VIII: Parameter Queries with Custom Dialogs

Database Design from Scratch I: Introduction

Database Design from Scratch II: Simple Database Design

Database Design from Scratch III: The Relational Design Process

Windows XP

Slipstreaming Windows Service Packs

Backing up and Restoring the Windows Registry